New band, new projects, new blog!

It's been a long old time since I logged in here! 

Just a note to say I've moved, lots of new stuff in the pipelines, and I will be restarting my old blog from my new website/s very soon.... come on over and follow me and my antics over there! My new band will be releasing records later in the year.... Hope all is well!



Merry Christmas guys and dolls....

Lil video coming soon :-)



Hey guys and dolls, if you are out and about in London Tahn tomorra and fancy 8 live bands for a charity event (including a one off acoustic set from me) - it's the last time I'll be doing a show until the new project is ready which could be as long off as next year. Seeing as it's a charity bash, haell, why not. :-) Love to see you, come and say hello if your in the area. Sailors and pirates welcome, and with my show you will not feel out of place if you are dressed up however you please, promise ;-) I'm on at 8pm, but the event starts at 5, hope to see ya there :-)

Show link is here for more info :-)


To my delight there is much Pink in the world :-)


Please send me any pink things of beauty


Miss awol returns!

Hi kats and dolls, punks and princesses! Tis Moi. Yup, I'm alive and kicking. I don't write about much on here any more as you may have noticed if you check back from time to time. That's been for a number of reasons, but the most pleasant one is namely that I've been holed up in my little Pink bubble recharging the old batteries and working on a new a new creative phase in my life that I'm finally feeling pretty damned excited about. :-)

 Sometimes I guess you have to take that break to reflect upon where you are at and renew yourself, and I'm finally happy. I've found my feet. Don't worry, I landed high upon a pair of six inch stilettos, so it's all good....

 I don't think I've missed a right lot in the dying scene of mainstream Music, nor the politics upon us, that's for sure, but a little switch off from feeling depressed about it was the little recharge I needed to get myself geared up for part 2 on planet pink punk. 

Coming up I have a one off show booked, something a serious bit different for me before my new idea comes together. It's an acoustic slot, haha, yes I did say acoustic, for the lovely people of Pure Rawk in aid of Oxfam. It's an Oxjam charity all day event on Sunday 16th of October at the Boston Arms in Tufnell Park. 8 fabulous bands for 10 quid. I hope you would like to come down, if so here's a couple of links and I'll see y'all there! Lotsalove.... Missy Lepink....





Live at the Dublin Castle

Live at the Dublin Castle

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